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I'm a certified TESL language teacher and have been teaching the language offline & online for about six years. My teaching style is considered to be a mixture of everything as I like to mix the most interesting aspects of every method into my own! I always make sure that my students are interested and enjoying the lesson.




Hej med jer. Jeg tilbyder dig hjælp til dit skolearbejde, du kan få hjælp til lektier, afleveringer og meget andet. Jeg er en venlig og forstående lærer, og jeg vil tilpasse min undervisning, så den passer til dine behov og ønsker.

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I am an entrepreneur who hails from Nigeria.. i love my language




I am Korean and currently living in colombia for 3 years now. I have been teaching Korean for 3 years at a language academy in Colombia. I have lived in New Zealand for 4 years. This means I'm fluent in English and Spanish to teach Korean depends on your preference. You would be surprised how fun learning Korean is. Have fun studying with me!




Hi! It is my hope I can work with you. Allow me to share my passion which is blessing many by imparting what I know. I am just excited to teach... to help others learn English more. I am but excited to serve many. I wanna journey with them in this endeavor of them. I wanna be their mentor. I wanna be a catalyst in changing and improving ones lives. I might not have the teaching experience... but serving is really my cup of tea. I love English. Ive worked in Customer Service for like 10years.




Hello! I'm Emily. I was born and raised in Canada where I still live with my husband and four children. I am a nurse, and have worked as a nurse for the last ten years. I also have a degree in Marriage and Family Studies, and University Certificates in TESOL and Home and Family. I love to travel, read good books, bake, and have adventures with my family. I am a very calm person, and friendly with my students. Besides TESOL I have taught healthcare aides their practicum courses, and have taught Sunday School in my church to all ages.








Hi, I am Teacher Erin and I am here to help you learn the English language. I am currently teaching the English subject to high school students. I have also experienced teaching English as a Second Language to foreign learners like Korean and Japanese. I believe that if you are truly determined to do something, nothing can stop you from pursuing it. I also learn from my students as I help them learn the English language.




I am a facilitator of learning processes. Learn portuguese with me in a fun and effective way.




I'm a Kenyan and I have been speaking Swahili since primary school. I teach Swahili casually i.e to anyone who wants to learn. I have been doing it for free for the past 4yrs until I learned I could actually make money doing this