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Йоруба преподаватели и преподаватели




I'm olumide; a 300 level microbiology student(Bsc.). I've not being teaching yoruba language really but if the need be, I can teach the language as good as an expert.




Am Folu,a Nigerian, born and brought up in Yoruba speaking part of the country. Being my mother's tongue makes me vast in the language. I will love to teach interested individuals the basics, pronunciation, food and diverse cultures of the Yoruba people. The class will be interactive has students would be encourage to ask questions, formulate sentences, assignment and given answers to such assignment question.




Hi, am Tope Sanusi. l am a basic school teacher. love teaching kids. I appreciate when kids speak their native dialet and I belief communication is power. I want to contribute my own quota by teaching kids.




Am Fajingbesi Roid Olaowuye, an undergraduate in federal university otuoke,in bayelsa state Nigeria. before ganning admission into the university, I have tutor Yoruba language for a year,.apart from Yoruba is my mother tongue.Am a citizen of Nigeria. Teaching people is my hubby, because if we don't teach what we learn or know we will probably die with it someday. I can teach Yoruba perfectly.i think i can handle your request.




I am an entrepreneur who hails from Nigeria.. i love my language




I am Olajuyin Folasayo, a Nigerian(of the Yoruba tribe). I was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State. I am a medical doctor, I attended the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. I picked up my interest in Yoruba Language from a very tender age and I always had distinctions in it. I worked as a medical doctor for 5 years,in Ibadan, amongst both educated and uneducated and I used Yoruba Language to communicate with my patients in 90% of cases. I am presently a stay at home mom of 2 kids,raising them. My teaching styles are discussing and delegating styles.